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Life Lately – 10.06.2017

About once a month, I will post some of the highlights of my life. I enjoy an opportunity to reflect on my days, seek out experiences worth writing about, and keep a record of my life in all of its different stages. I will share the books I’m reading, the side projects I am working on, and the adventures I am embarking on.

Coffee shop work dates (after work)

I work a regular 9-5 job. As much as possible, I try to have some external creative projects going outside of my real (read: not always creatively stimulating) job. I find it difficult to make time for these side gigs and I continuously look for ways to make my schedule accommodate these projects. While in my stuffy office with outdated furniture, I find myself daydreaming about working from my couch or out of a cool coffee shop.

For the last several weeks, I have been setting some evening dates with friends in the city. While waiting to meet with them a couple of hours after work, I’ve been working on my side gigs out of a coffee shop nearby my evening date. Although I was tired after a full day at work, it felt really fun to live this creative, working out of a coffee shop life for a few hours on a weekday evening. I decided to stick with this new routine. I aim to try different coffee shops every week and go in with a clear idea of what I need to get accomplished in two hours so that I’m actually productive. So far this method has worked for me.

Reading Phenomenology of Perception

I took a break from my Ph.D. program in may of 2015. Just under a year later, I made a decision to quit. It has been nearly two years since I have picked up a philosophy book. Two years after leaving, I finally have the courage and the desire to read philosophy again.

Perhaps, this is how long my own healing process took. I forgave philosophy for leading me on and making me break up with it and finally I can engage with it again without any hurt or regret. I no longer feel like I have to pursue philosophy professionally in order to be able to enjoy it. I no longer feel like a fraud when reading philosophers I love.

Georgia O’Keefe at AGO

Life Lately 2a
I knew that the AGO was free on Wednesday evenings. But I had no idea that their feature exhibits were available at half the price on those nights. I went to see the latest exhibit on Georgia O’Keefe with a friend for $12.50 a person and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about O’Keefe’s art and life.


We have a rental car booked for Sunday. We will be going to Stratford on Sunday for the festival. We will be seeing the musical Guys and Dolls.


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