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Life Lately – 03.06.2017


About once a month, I will post some of the highlights of my life. I enjoy an opportunity to reflect on my days, seek out experiences worth writing about, and keep a record of my life in all of its different stages. I will share the books I’m reading, the side projects I am working on, and the adventures I am embarking on.

I committed to running a marathon with no goal other than to run a marathon (as opposed to goals of finishing with a certain time which I have been imposing on myself in the last couple of years, but failing to meet). All I want is a new commitment to running distance that would fit in with the rest of my lifestyle which now also includes a 9-5 job, a side gig, commitment to climbing, and quite a bit of travel. This will be my fifth full marathon to date (I also ran 6 half marathons).

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey
This is a collection of short biographical pieces that highlight the creative process of the world’s most accomplished writers, composers, choreographed, and other artists. It is encouraging to learn that many of the creatives had rich lives or held full-time jobs all while pursuing their creative projects.

Mozart was basically a freelancer who could barely set aside some time away from paid work and other commitments in order to compose. T. S. Elliot worked a day job at a bank. Anthony Trollope managed to write a couple of dozen books during the early mornings before his shift as a civil servant at the General Post Office–the post he held for over thirty years. Agatha Christie led such an ordinary life that many of her friends told her they didn’t know when she wrote her books because they had never seen her write or go away to write.

The book is a great reminder that a creative life can take on many different shapes. A creative life does not mean you need to put the rest of your life on hold. Throughout history, people wrote and painted and composed while making a living, getting married, and raising kids. It is also a reminder of how much you can get done by sticking to a routine schedule that allows you to work on a project, even if it is only for a short amount of time among other responsibilities of the day.

Thinking About
Inspired by the book, I am reflecting anew on how taking small steps continually will eventually lead to great results. This means that if the projects that you’re the most passionate about are not your full-time job, you will be able to make significant progress by simply keeping at them, even if only for 15 minutes every day.

I am trying to get out once every month, even if only for a quick weekend trip. June is for outdoor climbing just outside of Toronto. In July, we have committed to a trip to Bruce Penninsula. In August, we want to spend a weekend in Montreal.

Trying Out
Speaking of creative side projects, I am doing a free trial of Iconosquare, which is in app for Instagram management and analytics. Iconsquare is simple and intuitive, and it makes posting frequently easy. The free trial is for two weeks and I am already considering signing up for a paid account.

I have also been trying out Marmalead, which is an SEO tool for Etsy. Even the few things I was able to do with the free version show how Marmalead can help you significanly improve your listings on Etsy.

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