2018 Intentions

2018 Intentions

Lately, I’ve been thinking about big goals as a set of small actions that will fill my days with particular kinds of experiences. For instance, the goal of getting more of my writing published will result in a year of micro-actions centered around this goal: trying to find more time to write, brainstorming blog ideas in Notes on my phone during lunch breaks, drafting a pitch email, getting rejection letters and hopefully some acceptance ones as well. The point is that I no longer look at a goal as a hard line I need to reach before the end of a year, but more as a general direction of a new intention that will result in particular kinds of transformation in my life.

Here’s what I have planned for 2018.

No shopping

I am excited about this resolution the most. In 2018, I intend to stop shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories. I will limit beauty- and skincare-related purchases to the necessary ones only (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.). I will buy a replacement item if an item of clothing I currently own and absolutely need becomes worn out. I am allowed to buy gear necessary for my hobbies such as climbing shoes, which wear out every 4-5 months.

Save More Money

I started saving for the first time in my life last year. For many years I was not in a position to save (i.e., I was living on a graduate student stipend) and I was not clear on what was the best way to approach saving. The method that has worked for me so far was just trying to aggressively save as much as possible. I like setting a goal that feels a little out of reach and then trying to make that number appear in my savings account before the end of the year. I set a numerical goal for myself, so it is easy to track my progress throughout the year.


In 2018 I intend to get back to growing my coaching practice. I will take two more courses towards the certification and will gain 100 hours of coaching others.


Easy tangible goals for this one:

  • run two half marathons
  • climb V5 and lead 5.11 indoors
  • 10 outdoor climbing trips
  • 3 camping trips in the summer
  • mindful movement and breathing at home


  • transition into a new, more exciting job before the end of the year
  • do more networking


  • contribute 50-100 articles to Life Philosophized (this post counts as the first one!)
  • publish 10 articles in other media online
  • participate in a creative project like #The100DayProject or NaBloPoMo to try writing every single day


Keep reading books without a break and diversify your reading list to include challenging books, books in Russian and Ukrainian, and philosophy. Spend more time thinking and writing about the books you read, but don’t get your reading get in the way of your writing!

Do you set yearly goals and intentions? What are you most excited about in 2018?

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